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What is a major project?

Major Projects:

Current and recent major projects with associated environmental impact statements and assessments.

Permit applicants pay for the costs associated with preparing Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and use third parties who are approved by the Corps of Engineers, consistent with policy outlined in Regulatory Guidance Letter (RGL 05-08).

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Major Projects

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Bald Head Island Terminal Groin: Corps ID # SAW-2012-00040

The Village of Bald Head Island proposes to construct a terminal structure (i.e. groin) at the western end of South Beach in close proximity to the Wilmington Harbor Navigation Project channel. The Project is proposed to address recently accelerating erosion at the western end of South Beach with the intent to protect wildlife habitat, public infrastructure, roads, homes, beaches and protective dunes.

Questions about this project?  Contact:  Ronnie Smith, Regulatory Project Manager


Note:  All Project documents and downloads are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.








Transcript of Public Hearing

 - March 4, 2014


The Environmental Impact Statement (Final Version - FEIS)

- 8/1/2014 - PRESS RELEASE ON COMPLETION OF FEIS     -     Public Notice (8/1/2014) on FEIS

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Download entire document by Volume:  These are large files:  (recommended for high speed Internet connections)

Volume I (36MB)
Volume II (48MB)
Volume III (24MB)



Draft Environmental Impact Statement

(DEIS) 1/3/2014


- Originally published 3/20/12

Public Notice - Originally published 3/14/2012


Beach Restoration to Protect NC Hwy 12 - Corps ID # SAW-2015-01612

The Wilmington District, Corps of Engineers (Corps) received an application from Dare County for a permit to dredge 2.6 million cubic yards of beach-quality sediments from an offshore borrow source located 1.7 miles east of Cape Hatteras, and deposit the material along approximately 2.9 miles of oceanfront shoreline at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and the Village of Buxton, in Dare County, North Carolina.

The National Park Service and the Corps are cooperating agencies during the environmental review of this project as part of the project area involves ocean front beach within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The Corps will be the lead agency for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) purposes but will coordinate closely with the Park Service on resource management related issues.

This section contains project reports and documents related to the review of this proposed action.

Questions about this project?  Contact Mr. Raleigh Bland, Project Manager, Washington Field Office


 Name of Document  File Size  Date Posted

 SAW-2015-01612-PN      Public Notice     -      Plans 

 0.5MB/ 6MB


 FINAL Environmental Assessment:  (PDF download in sections)

Part One     -    Part Two    -     Part Three     -     Part Four


26MB/ 31MB  13MB/ 6MB



Appendix A - Littoral Processes  15MB  10/5/15

Appendix B - Biological Assessment      Part One    -    Part Two

 14MB/ 18MB  10/5/15
Appendix C - Geotechnical Data Report  22MB  10/5/15
Appendix D - EFH Assessment  7MB  10/5/15
Appendix E - Biological Monitoring  13MB  10/5/15
Appendix F - Cultural Resources Report  7MB  10/5/15
Appendix G - Monitoring and Mitigation  26MB  10/5/15



Bogue Banks Master Beach Nourishment Plan - Corps ID # SAW-2009-00293

The Wilmington District, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Regulatory Division program is evaluating a request from Carteret County (County) for Department of the Army authorization pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act to implement a comprehensive, long-term beach and inlet management plan for the protection of approximately (~) 25 miles of shoreline on Bogue Banks. Concurrently, the Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM) is evaluating a request from the Applicant for lease authorization pursuant to the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act [43 U.S.C. 1337(k)(2)] to use outer continental shelf sand resources as a component of the proposed action. In the case of the Applicant’s proposed action, the USACE and BOEM have determined that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required based on the broad temporal and spatial scale of the proposed action (i.e., a 50-year project encompassing ~25 miles of coastline), the ecological significance and sensitive nature of the affected coastal resources (barrier island, tidal inlet, and marine/estuarine), and the potential for adverse effects on a number of federally listed threatened and endangered species and critical habitats.

The Environmental Impact Statement was prepared in response to Carteret County’s proposal, in conjunction with the Towns of Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, and Emerald Isle, to implement a long-term shoreline management plan to protect their oceanfront and inlet shorelines for the barrier island of Bogue Banks.

Project Documents:

Record of Decision (ROD): Public Notice for the Release of the ROD

Signed ROD

Appendix A - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, State Programmatic Biological Opinion

Appendix B - National Marine Fisheries Service Biological Opinion

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS):   Public Notice dated March 1, 2018

Signed Cover Page, Executive Summary and Table of Contents

Section 1 - Introduction;  

Section 2 - Purpose and Need;  

Section 3 - Project Alternatives;  

Section 4 - Affected Environment;  

Section 5 - Environmental Consequences;  

Section 6 - Mitigation of Potential Effects;  

Section 7 - References

FEIS Appendices: 

A- Lead Agency Correspondence;  

B - Public Scoping Report;  

C - Third Party Contract;  

D- Interlocal Agreement;  

E - Draft EIS Comments and Responses;  

F - NC Statewide Programmatic Biological Opinion;  

G - Terminal Groin Legislation;  

H - Master Beach Nourishment Plan Summary Report;  Details Appendix A - Sediment Analysis Part 1;   Part 2;   Part 3;   Appendix B - Preferred Alternative Plan and Cross Section View;   Appendix C - Project Funding;    

I - 2014 Engineering Report.  Details: Appendix A - Wave and Sediment Models;   Appendix B - Sediment Analysis Report;   Appendix C - Beach Profile Volume Analysis/Crystal Ball Analysis;   Appendix D - SBeach Analysis;    Appendix E - Genesis Analysis; Appendix F -Preferred Alternative Plan and Cross Section View;   Appendix G - Funding

J - Cumulative Effects Assessment;  

K - USFWS Guidelines for Avoiding Impacts to Manatees;  

L - Environmental Impact Summary Table

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS):   Public Notice dated April 18, 2017  Executive Summary - Table of Contents  (download each chapter and appendix) - Signed Cover Page

Chapter 1 - Intro;   Chapter 2 - Purpose and NeedChapter 3 - AlternativesChapter 4 - Affected EnvironmentChapter 5 - Environmental Consequences Chapter 6 - Avoidance, Minimization, MitigationChapter 7 - References

DEIS Appendices:  A - Agency CoordinationB - Public Scoping;  C - 3rd Party ContractD - Inter-local Agreement;   E - NCGA 2013 Terminal Groin Legislation;   

F - Master Beach Nourishment Plan - Summary.  Details: App A  - Sediment Analysis: Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3;   App B - Preferred Alternative;    App C - Project Funding

G - 2014 Engineering Report - Summary.  Details: App A - Wave and Sediment Models; App B - Sediment Analysis; App C - Beach Profile Analysis;  App D - SBeach Analysis;  App E - Genesis Analysis;  App F - Preferred Alternative; App G - Funding

H - Cumulative Effects Assessment ;     I - FWS Manatee Avoidance;    J - Summary Table of Environmental Impacts

For more information and comments, contact Mr. Mickey Sugg, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Regulatory Division, 68 Darlington Avenue, Wilmington, North Carolina 28403, phone (910) 251-4811, facsimile (910) 251-4025 or via e-mail:


Figure Eight Island Terminal Groin: Corps ID # SAW-2006-41158

Figure Eight Island Terminal Groin

Corps ID # SAW-2006-41158   Applicant: Figure Eight Island Homeowners Association

Public Notice:   Issue Date: June 29, 2016    Comment Deadline: August 1, 2016   - Comment Period Closed.  See below.

Comments Received:  (posted to web 9/28/2016) Agency Comments, Organization Comments, and Individual Comments (Redacted).


Final Environmental Impact Statement  (Downloadable PDFs - warning files large to preserve high resolution images for printing)

Title Page with District Engineer's Signature  (<1 MB)

Cover Page with Abstract  (<1 MB)

Executive Summary, Table of Contents, List of Preparers  (<1 MB)

Chapters 1 through 4  (42 MB)

Chapters 5, 6, and Literature Cited  (31 MB)

Appendix A and Appendix B - Subpart A  (32 MB)

Appendix B - Subparts B and B1  (40 MB)

Appendix B - Subparts B2 and C  (42 MB)

Appendices C through I  (25 MB)

Questions about this project? Contact: Mickey Sugg, Regulatory Project Manager 


Other Project Documents
 Name of document  Date posted

Comments Received About the Supplementary EIS

Please note:  Comments that reference attachments will have the attachments hyperlinked and accessible from the email or correspondence within each PDF document.

Agency Comments  -  Individual's Comments 1  & Individual's Comments 2 (Redacted for Privacy, Second file added 1/13/16)  -  Organization's Comments



Links updated 1/8/16; Second individual comments added 1/13/16

9/2/2015 Public Hearing held on September 2, 2015 at the Ogden Elementary School, Wilmington, on the environmental impact report for this project.

  • Presentation on Figure "8" Island Shoreline Management Project           


Public Notice announcing a Public Hearing and extension of the commenting period on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the Figure Eight Island Shoreline Management Project.  Comment Deadline Extension: September 14, 2015

Public Notice for SEIS (comment deadline 8/24/2015 - hyperlink opens to new window)

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) - July 2015





DEIS Comments Received August 20, 2012

Agency Comments  -  Organization Comments  -  Individual Comments

Note: Comments submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District (District) regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Figure Eight Island Shoreline Management Project (Action ID 2006-41158) in response to the District’s May 18, 2012 Public Notice. Personally identifying Information that is considered exempt from release under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C.A 552 (b)(6) has been redacted.

Transcript of June 7 Public Hearing: Minutes, Index  07/09/2012
Amended Public Notice to Extend Comment Period  05/31/2012
Public Notice - June 7 Public Meeting Announcement

Plans with Public Notice

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)  - NOTE: Due to reported difficulties with the document download capability on this web site, this DEIS is linked to the following "drop box" account for download.  This should facilitate access and speed download. 5/2/13

Link to DEIS download folder

DEIS download #1 (14 MB PDF):  Executive Summary - Table of Contents - Chapter 1 Introduction - Chapter 2 Purpose and Needs - Chapter 3 Project Alternatives - Chapter 4 Affected Environment - Chapter 5 Consequences - Chapter 6 Avoidance and Minimization - Chapter 7 Literature Cited

DEIS download #2 (4 MB Zip):  Appendix A Scoping, Appendix C- Cultural Resources Report, Appendix E- Summary of Impacts Table, Appendix F - CEA

DEIS download #3 (48 MB PDF): Appendix B Engineer Report (without subparts)

DEIS download #4 (7 MB PDF): Appendix B - Subpart A of Engineer Report - Cleary Report (images - without figures)

DEIS download #5 (45 MB PDF):  Appendix B - Subpart A of Engineer Report - Cleary Report Figures

DEIS download #6 (15 MB PDF):  Appendix B - Subpart B of Engineer Report

DEIS download #7 (24 MB PDF):  Appendix D - Geotechnical














Holden Beach Terminal Groin - Corps ID # SAW-2011-01914

This request is from the Town of Holden Beach for a terminal groin and beach fill project in waters of the US.  The proposed terminal groin is one component of the Town of Holden Beach’s ongoing comprehensive beach management program, described in the Holden Beach 2009 Beach Management Plan. A terminal groin structure on the eastern end of Holden Beach is an alternative that is being considered as the preferred method to reduce the high erosion losses that have historically occurred at the east end of Holden Beach, in addition to proactive sand management of Lockwoods Folly Inlet.

Questions about this project?  Contact: Mickey Sugg, Regulatory Project Manager


Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) Project Documents

Public Notice for withdrawal of application dated April 19, 2018

Public Notice for Comment Period Extension dated April 13, 2018

Public Notice dated March 15, 2018

Table of Contents, Executive Summary and Signature Page

Sections 1- 7 of the EIS (Section 1: Introduction, Section 2: Purpose and Need, Section 3: Project Alternatives, Section4: Affected Environment, Section 5: Environmental Consequences, Section 6: Avoidance and Minimization, Section 7: References)

Appendices A - E (App A: Scoping Documents, App B: Draft EIS Comments and Responses, App C: USFWS July 2016 Biological Opinion, App D: State Bill 1521 Legislation, App E Inlet Management Plan)

Appendices F and G (App F: Holden Beach Master Plan, App G: Holden Beach Work Plan)

Appendix H: ATM Engineering Analysis

Appendices I - R (App I: Permit Sheets, App J: Resolution, App K: Lockwoods Folly Inlet Historical Aerial Imagery, App L: Annotated Bibliography of Nearshore and Estuarine Fisheries, App M: Bird Nesting Data, App N: Sea Turtle Nesting Locations, App O: Understanding Cost and Benefits, App P: Central Reach Project Permits, App Q: Environmental Consequences Impact Summary, App R: Eastern Channel Shorebird Monitoring Plan) 




 Draft EIS Project Documents
 Name of document  Date posted
Draft Environmental Impact Statement   8/28/2015
Public Notice announcing DEIS & Public Hearing  8/28/2015
Comments Summarized from 3/8/2012 Scoping Meeting 05/08/2013
Historic Aerial Photography of Lockwood Folly Inlet 05/08/2013
Public Notice of Scoping Meeting 05/08/2013
Work Plan 05/08/2013 



Ocean Isle Beach Terminal Groin:  Corps ID # SAW-2011-01241

Ocean Isle Beach Terminal Groin
Corps ID # SAW-2011-01241
This request is from the Town of Ocean Isle Beach for a terminal groin and beach fill project in waters of the US.

The Town is actively seeking shoreline protection measures to mitigate the chronic erosion problem on the east end of the island caused by Shallotte Inlet’s influence on the movement of littoral sediment in the area.

A terminal groin structure on the eastern end of Ocean Isle Beach is an alternative that is being considered as the preferred method to reduce the high erosion losses that have historically occurred at the east end of Ocean Isle Beach, in addition to proactive sand management of Shallotte Inlet.

Questions about this project?  Contact:  Tyler Crumbley, Regulatory Project Manager


 Project Documents
 Name of document  Date posted
 RECORD OF DECISION (2/27/2017) Warning - download is +66MB.  

 Public Notice of Record of Decision

 Previously published project documents:  
 Final Environmental Impact Statement  4/29/2016

Comments received on the Federal Register publication of the Ocean Isle Shoreline Protection Project;

SAW-2011-01241:   Vol 1      Vol 2    Vol 3

 DRAFT - Environmental Impact Statement  1/23/2015
 Plan of Study  03/12/2013
 Summary of 10/3/12 Scoping Meeting Comments  10/09/2012
 Public Notice of Scoping Meeting  09/21/2012
 Project Description  09/17/2012





PCS Phosphate Mine: Corps ID # SAW-2001-10096

Action ID: 200110096 - Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Phosphate Division, Aurora Operation

Aurora, Beaufort County, North Carolina

This permit was issued.

The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Phosphate Division, Aurora Operation (PCS) applied for Department of the Army authorization to undertake an approximately 11,909 acre mine advance into an approximately 15,100 acre project area surrounding its current mining operation located north of Aurora, Beaufort County, North Carolina. The proposed expansion would occur over an approximately 37 year period and would impact approximately 4,135 acres of waters of the United States including wetlands adjacent to The Pamlico River, South Creek and Durham Creek. The Purpose and Need for the proposed action is to continue mining its [the applicant’s] phosphate reserve in an economically viable fashion. More specifically, the applicant’s purpose and need is to implement a long-term systematic and cost-effective mine advance within the project area for the ongoing PCS mine operation at Aurora, North Carolina. Pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District, Regulatory Division (Corps) has prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to examine the impacts of the proposed action and alternatives to the proposed action. Specific plans and location information are fully described in the final EIS (FEIS).

PCS Phosphate Company has contacted the Corps of Engineers Wilmington District concerning planned potential impacts to wetlands and waters of the United States, potentially including navigable waters, needed to continue its phosphate mining operations. The location for these potential impacts may be off of NC 306, adjacent to the Pamlico River, South Creek, and associated tributaries, north of Aurora, in Beaufort County, North Carolina.

Project documents  - Note links updated 9-8-2016.

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) - (download zip archives - warning, large files) Volume 1 (161 MB); Volume 2 - (20 MB); Volume 3 (140MB)

 Kinston Bypass R-2553: SAW-2009-01603

The Wilmington District, Corps of Engineers (Corps) has received an application from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) regarding a potential future requirement for Department of the Army authorization to discharge dredged or fill material into waters of the United States associated with upgrading existing US 70 or constructing on new location, a four-lane, median-divided freeway with full control of access from US 70 between La Grange (in Lenoir County) and US 70 at Dover (at the Jones/Craven County line) near the City of Kinston, North Carolina.

Questions about this project?  Contact:  Thomas Steffens, Regulatory Project Manager

Note:  All Project documents and downloads are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

DRAFT Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

Public Notice for DEIS

Draft Environmental Impact Statement - June 2019

Project Maps:

Map Key

Alternative 1UE and 1SB

Alternative 11

Alternative 12

Alternative 31

Alternative 32

Alternatives 35 and 36

Alternatives 51 and 52

Alternatives 63 and 65

Technical Studies:

Agency Coordination Plan

Air Quality Report

Archaeology Predictive Model Report

Community Impact Assessment Part 1 and Part 2

Economic Impact Assessment

Flood Impacts Memo

Geotechnical Planning Report

Historic Architecture Evaluation Report

Hydraulic Analysis

Land Use Scenario Assessment

Natural Resource Technical Report

Preliminary GeoEnvironmental Alternatives Analysis: 2013 and 2017

Public Involvement Plan

Traffic Forecast 

Traffic Noise Report: Part 1 Part2  Part3

Traffic Capacity Analysis: Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3