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Project               Estimated Cost ACQ Strategy   Advertise Month/ Year   Contract Type NAICS
General Construction SATOC's (SAW AOR)       >10M   SB   Oct-20   RFP 236220
PN 88658, SOF, OPS Facility       25M-100M   UR   Oct-20   RFP 236220
PN 79439, SOF Annex       10M-25M   UR   Nov-20   RFP 236220
PN 87437, SOF Group Headquarters       25M-100M   UR   Nov-20   RFP 236220
MOTSU, Railroad Repair SATOC       10M-25M   TBD   Dec-20   RFP 237990
PN 72426, SOF Working Dog Facility       10M-25M   UR   Jan-21   RFP 236220
SRM, Ft. Bragg & MOTSU       1M-5M   SB   3rd/4th Qtr   TBD 236220
Civil Works                            
Surf City/North Topsail Beach CSRM, Dredging       25M-100M   UR   Oct-20   IFB 237990
Eagle Island Improvements       10M-25M   TBD   Oct-20   TBD 237990
Princeville Levee Contract #1         5M-10M   UR   Oct-20   TBD 237990
Princeville Levee Contract #2         5M-10M   UR   Nov-20   TBD 237990
Bouge Banks CSRM Dredging       25M-100M   UR   Jul-21   IFB 237990
Morehead City Inner Ocean Bar Dredging       10M-25M   UR   May-21   IFB 237990
Anchorage Basin Dredging       1M-5M   SB   Jun-21   IFB 237990
Wilmington Harbor Inner Ocean Bar Dredging       10M-25M   UR   Jun-21   IFB 237990
AIWW Dredging       1M-5M   SB   Jul-21   IFB 237990
A&E Contracts                      
Environmental Services  IDIQ       1M-5M   8A Competitive   1st Qtr FY 21   RFP 541330


The Deputy for Small Business serves as a special assistant to the commander on small business matters.

The Deputy for Small Business implements the Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Program ensuring that the federal socio-economic program policies and procedures affecting small business, emerging small business, small disadvantaged business, small business certified under the HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zones) program, and small women-owned business firms and Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions, are followed.


Regulatory Enforcement Fairness

 Firms who feel they have been unfairly treated should contact:


Regulatory Enforcement Fairness,

Office of the National Ombudsman,

U.S. Small Business Administration

<> .

409 3rd Street, S.W.,

Washington, DC 20416

Tel: (886) 734-3247

Small Business Office
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Wilmington District
Attn: Small Business
69 Darlington Avenue
Wilmington, NC  28403