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Lakes and Dams


Invasive Species

STOP THE SPREAD OF INVASIVE SPECIES. Remove plants, seeds, animals, and mud from boots, gear, pets, and vehicles. Clean your gear before entering and leaving the recreation site. Stay on designated roads and trails, and follow local guidelines for firewood. CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY boats and any other recreational equipment that contacts water. Dispose of unwanted bait, worms, fish parts, or other organisms into the trash and not into the environment. For more information visit https://www.invasivespeciesinfo.gov/rec.


A Note to You From Our Rangers

Make wearing life jackets a top priority for all ages when visiting the lake.  Know and understand the differences between swimming in a pool and swimming in a lake.  They're much different! Watch for steep drop offs, hidden objects below the surface, boat traffic and more. The best place to swim is at a designated swimming area.  If you need help finding a place, give us a call!

Respect the limitations of everyone in your group - Swimming to an object in the lake, is often farther than it appears.  Learn more about the 7 Deadly Swims.

Before your boating adventure, perform a safety check of your vessel.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the required equipment on board such as life jackets, a throwable device, certificate of number (state registration), fire extinguisher, visual distress signals, sound producing devices, and any additional items  required by Federal and state laws (NC & VA).  Check your engine, ventilation, backfire flame arrestor, electrical systems, and trailer before you go too!

Last, please wear a life jacket when on or near the water!  Very good swimmers have drowned in the lakes you're planning to visit.  If you've forgotten your life jackets, there are free loaner ones available. 

Take care and be safe!  Make wearing  life jackets a new family tradition!

The Outdoors Are Calling

The land and water comprising the Wilmington District's 5 lakes and 3 locks and dams are full of exciting adventures to be had by all ages. Have you ever eaten lunch by the water when you suddenly saw a bald eagle catch a fish to take home to her eaglet? Maybe you have been mountain biking on one of the trails or cooled off at a designated swim area. Opportunities such as these and others including boating, kayaking, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, bird watching, picnicking, educational programming, and more await you and your family! Check out our website and we hope to see you real soon!


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