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Regulatory Permit Program

2017-2022 Nationwide Permits

This page contains information about the 2017 five year re-authorization of the Nationwide Permits, effective March 19, 2017.  The 2012 authorized Nationwide Permits (NWPs) expired on March 18, 2017.  For minor projects in federal waters and wetlands in North Carolina (NC), the NWPs can be used for specific activities (see list below) provided the work complies with all associated general conditions and regional general conditions. 


For NWPs That Have Reporting Requirements:

Most NWPs in NC require Pre-Construction Notification (PCN) in writing to allow for verification of permit conditions for the work. The District and the NC Division of Water Resources (DWR) teamed to provide an online form to upload required information to the reviewing agencies electronically.  The system is not yet available for use.  Notification of the availability of this system will be published on this web site and via the public notice process.  Currently the PCN must be submitted as was done for the 2012 NWPs, via mail or email.  The older 2012 PCN PDF or Word version form may be used, or applicants may use the standard permit form 4345 for these verification items.  See PCN instructions.

District Documents

  • Public Notice, dated March 17, 2017, with the Finalized Regional General Conditions for use with 2017 NWPs in the Wilmington District (US waters and wetlands in NC).
  • Consistency Concurrence Letter regarding Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA), dated February 23, 2017, from NC Division of Coastal Management (DCM)
  • Approval Letter from Wilmington District Engineer for 2017 NWPs Use in NC, dated March 7, 2017.
  • Approval Letter from South Atlantic Division Engineer for 2017 NWPs Use in NC, dated March 14, 2017.



Comment Period 

June 7, 2016 - August 1, 2016