Regulatory Permit Program


Regional General Permits

This page contains information about the Regional General Permits (RGPs) for waters and wetlands of North Carolina, and the associated conditions established by the Wilmington District. These permits are reviewed, revised and reauthorized on a five year cycle. Most of the Wilmington District RGPs were reauthorized for use from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2036. However, RGP 198200031, RGP 201902350, and RGP 201801536, which are used for NCDOT projects and marsh sills, was revised and re-authorized in 2019 and 2020. The Wilmington District also supports a State Programmatic General Permit (PGP), developed in cooperation with the state, the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management, Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) permit program. This Regional General Permit, referred to as RGP 291, was one of the very first State Programmatic General Permits authorized in the US.  Although both Nationwide Permits and Regional General Permits are different types of general permits, the abbreviation "GP" is frequently used to denote the District authorized Regional General Permits (RGPs).

The current RGPs in the Wilmington District are linked below as PDF documents.

The expired 2011-2016 RGPs are linked here.


RGP Notices

The 2017 Wilmington District RGPs are posted with the associated state agency concurrence documents.

Public Notice 4/24/2017:  New RGP163 authorized for work for Charlotte Storm Water Services

Public Notices

Proposed 2017 Permits:  3/25/2016 - Public Notice - 1 of 2: for SAW-2016-00554, SAW-2016-00555, SAW-2016-00556, SAW-2016-00557, SAW-2016-00558, SAW-2016-00559, SAW-2016-00560, SAW-2016-00561, SAW-2016-00562, SAW-2016-00563; 3/25/2016 - Public Notice - 2 of 2: for SAW-2016-00564

 Announcement of Finalized 2017-2021 RGPs - January 3, 2017