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Regulatory Public Notices

As used by the Corps, the term "public notice" is an official, required government announcement of a proposed agency action, decision made or under consideration, public hearing or other activity.  Please download the attachment(s) associated with notice for the complete, formatted, public notice with tables, illustrations, maps and plans.

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Mitigation Public Notices

For all public notices pertaining to compensatory mitigation bank proposals or in-lieu fee mitigation sites developed by the North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services (NCDMS), please go to the Regulatory In-lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System website at

To access the public notices, first select the Wilmington District from the Filter View drop-down menu in the lower left-hand corner, and then select the Bank & ILF Establishment tab.

Archive: 2013
  • Comments Requested for the Draft North Carolina Stream Assessment Method

    Expiration date: 4/22/2013

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District (District) is issuing this public notice to solicit comments on the Draft North Carolina Stream Assessment Method (NC SAM). Three separate files are included for review with this public notice, including the Draft User Manual, the Draft Rating Calculator, and a Stream Template. The user manual provides comprehensive instructions on the use of NC SAM. The Rating Calculator is used to determine the stream ratings from the data gathered during the assessment process, and the Stream Template is a file that is used by the ratings calculator to generate an output file with the results.

  • SAW-2013-00455

    Expiration date: 4/15/2013

    The Wilmington District, Corps of Engineers (Corps) has received an application from the U.S. Army Reserve Center (USARC) in Morehead City, attn: DPW. Frank D. Eubanks, seeking Department of the Army authorization to improve the USARC docking facility by constructing a new pier and extending an existing pier in the navigable waters of the Newport River. The Reserve Center is located at 410 Fisher Street with site coordinates at 34.7230°N, -76.7074°W, in Morehead City, Carteret County, North Carolina.

  • SAW-2012-02073

    Expiration date: 4/15/2013

    The District Engineer has received a prospectus entitled “MOGENSEN MITIGATION, INC., TAR RIVER HEADWATERS STREAM MITIGATION BANK, FINAL PROSPECTUS’ which proposes development of a stream mitigation bank. Bank Sponsor is Mogensen Mitigation, Inc., Post Office Box 690429, Charlotte, North Carolina 28227. This public notice does not imply, on the parts of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) or other agencies, either favorable or unfavorable opinion of the work to be performed, but it is issued to solicit comments regarding the factors on which final decisions will be based.

  • SAW-2013-00203

    Expiration date: 4/12/2013

    The Wilmington District, Corps of Engineers (Corps) has received an application from the Unimin Corporation, Doug Myers, seeking Department of the Army authorization to impact approximately 1,305 linear feet of stream and 0.044 acre of wetlands to achieve design capacity at two waste areas, the tailings dump and south mine waste dump, at Hawkins Mine and Quartz processing plant, Spruce Pine, Mitchell County, North Carolina.

  • Mitigation Monitoring Update Guidance - Public Notice

    Expiration date: 3/25/2013

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District (District) is issuing this public notice to seek comments from the public on the implementation of new District monitoring requirements and performance standards for compensatory mitigation sites. A public notice was previously issued on February 8, 2013, stating that this guidance would be implemented on February 23, 2013; however, the District has decided to seek comments on the guidance prior to implementation. As a result, this guidance will not go into effect on February 23rd as stated in the February 8th Public Notice, but will instead be reissued following consideration of the comments generated by this notice.