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Regulatory Permit Program

Pre-Construction Notification (PCN)

The PCN – PCN Form (Version 1.4 January 2009) 

The PCN Form is in PDF format.  Please download to your computer and "save as" to be able to save the entries typed in each field.  We replaced the form on 6/4/2013 after a report that the form did not allow users to save the data prior to printing.  Please contact us if this problem has not been resolved.

PCN Help Document

Sample Agent Authorization Form 

The PCN Form helps regulators from the state and federal agencies in North Carolina better understand and evaluate the impacts of activities that you propose to do in or around streams, wetlands, or other waters that may affect water quality, the health of the aquatic ecosystem, or water access or flow, in the immediate or nearby drainage area.

The PCN is a combined effort by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE- known as the “Corps”) and the NC Division of Water Quality (DWQ) to coordinate regulatory requirements for work in (or affecting) wetlands, streams, riparian buffers, and waters within North Carolina. By accurately completing the PCN form, we can determine if you meet requirements to proceed with your project as proposed. We can evaluate the measures you propose to take to avoid or mitigate for any damage to the environment. Our review of your completed form will provide us with necessary information about your project to determine if we can allow you to begin your project without the time, expense or uncertainty involved in going through a major permit process.

WHERE TO SEND YOUR COMPLETED PCN FORM: Copies of your completed PCN with all required attachments must be sent to the Corps or to DWQ, or both agencies, depending on the approval sought. Additionally, review the specific reporting requirements for your project as some conditions of approval require you to send a copy of your PCN to coordinating agencies.