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Ocean Isle Beach - Terminal Groin for Shoreline Stabilization - Final EIS

The Ocean Isle Beach Final Environmental Impact Statement has been divided into four major sections and the cover page for download.

Cover Page

FEIS Main Document (13 MB)

FEIS Appendices A through D (28 MB)

FEIS Appendix E (Geotechnical Report), Part 1 (47 MB)

FEIS  Appendix E, Part 2 and Appendices F through H  (46 MB)

Ocean Isle Beach - Terminal Groin for Shoreline Stabilization - Draft EIS

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Download Page

(larger file size downloads are noted in parentheses)

Main DEIS Document  (14MB)

Appendices A-D (13 MB)

Appendix E (subdivided for download): 

Main (2MB) Geotechnical Investigation Report

E-1 Scope    

E-2 Granularmetric Reports    

E-3 Grain Size Distribution Curves    

E-4 Beach Composite Summaries    

E-5 Composite Granularmetrics    

E-6 Composite Grain Size Distributions    

E-7 1999 VibraCore Logs (4MB)    

E-8 1998 USACE Reports 

E-9 Pre-2001 Vibracore Composites

E-10 2005 & 2009 USACE Combined Reports  (11MB)

E-11 Post 2001 Composites

E-12 CPE-NC Carbonate Analysis