● Please be courteous of other visitors.

Be prepared. Know your equipment, your ability, the weather, and the area.

● Tell someone your travel plans. Hike with a buddy.

● Bicyclists & hikers, please yield to equestrians.

● Bicyclists please yield to hikers, wear helmets, and control speed.

● Equestrians, please wear helmets.  

● Please stay on marked trails. Avoid trails when wet to prevent erosion.

● Please respect private property.

● Trails pass through areas open to hunting. Be aware of hunting seasons. Wear blaze orange  

  (including pets and horses) during rifle season, mid-November to mid-December.

● Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a 6-foot leash. Please clean up after

   your pets.

● Enjoy wildlife and plant life at a distance.

● Camping and fires are prohibited, except in designated areas.

● Please dispose of waste properly. Restrooms are available in park areas.

● Unauthorized motorized vehicles are prohibited on the trails.

● Report concerns to the Philpott Lake Visitor Center: (276) 629-2703.