Affirmative Employment Program

What is affirmative employment?

Affirmative employment was created to achieve the goals of a workforce that represents our diverse population and to recruit, place, and retain women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. Affirmative employment plans are designed to develop a competitive, highly qualified workforce that utilize all workers' talents, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or disability.

Federal agencies are required to establish effective affirmative programs of equal employment opportunity under Section 717 of title VII (PART A) and effective affirmative action programs under Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act (Part B). Federal agencies are required to report annually on the status of activities undertaken pursuant to its equal employment opportunity program under Title VII and activities undertaken pursuant to its affirmative action obligations under the Rehabilitation Act.  

Special emphasis programs covered by affirmative employment

  • Native American/Alaskan Native Employment Program
  • Asian/Pacific Islander Employment Program
  • Black Employment Program
  • Federal Women’s Program
  • Hispanic Employment Program
  • Persons with Disabilities Program/Disabled Veterans Program

Programs that assist affirmative employment

  • Career Ladder Intern Program
  • Cooperative Education Program
  • Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program (FEORP)
  • Management Development Program
  • Merit Promotion Program
  • Spousal Employment Program
  • Upward Mobility Program
  • Youth and Student Employment Programs
  • Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students
    with Disabilities