Description: One trail starts to the left of the Visitor Center.  It goes down to the top of Philpott Dam, runs along the road a short distance, continues to the bottom of the dam, goes through the parking lot, then along the Smith River a short distance, totaling 0.5 miles. This trail is steep with a bench situated midway on the hill for resting.  Another trail starts behind the restrooms near the overlook.  It intersects with boat ramp 2, continues to the intersection of boat ramp 1, goes through the parking lot, then continues to the group camp area, and then to the government boat dock, totaling 0.5 miles.  Most of the trail is wooded but some follows the road and other parts follow the lake.  See also Philpott F.I.T.


*To Philpott Park from Roanoke, VA: Take 220 S. When you reach the intersection of 220 S and Sontag Rd (SR 619) in Rocky Mount, go about another 17.5 miles, then merge onto Fairystone Park Hwy/VA-57 W toward Stanleytown/Bassett. Go about 4 miles (you will cross railroad tracks, go through Bassett, and cross the Smith River), then turn right onto 57 W. Go about 2 miles, then turn right onto Philpott Dam Rd. Go about 1 mile to park entrance.

*To Philpott Park from Greensboro, NC: Take 220 N. Once you pass through Ridgeway, merge onto 220 N toward Roanoke. Go about 10 miles, then take the VA-57A West/VA-682 Fieldale/Bassett exit. Go left off of ramp onto 57A West. Go about 6 miles (57A will become 57), then turn right onto Philpott Dam Rd. Go about 1 mile to park entrance.

Rating: Easy

Users: Hikers only

Length: 1 mile