Special Events





A) Participants shall be required to observe all state and federal regulations relating to boating, fishing, littering, etc.

 B) All litter or debris deposited as a result of the authorized activity shall be removed from the area.

 C) Participants in fishing tournaments should be encouraged to return as many fish as possible to the reservoir in an unharmed state.

 D) All activities utilizing facilities operated or maintained by states or private concessionaires will be coordinated with and approved by these agencies.

 E) The U. S. Government shall not be liable for any damages, causes of action, or lawsuits that might result from the conduct authorized in event permission letter.

 F) Permittee will not discriminate in any form in the conduct of activities authorized in the event permission letter.

 G) The event permission letter does not grant exclusive use of the reservoir or the boat launch ramp to the permittee.

 H) Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in public use areas operated by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

 I) Please be aware that privately owned boat docks are permitted on this lake.

 We ask that you respect their property and avoid activities that could result in damage to these permitted facilities.



A)   The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, at John H. Kerr Reservoir, requires a Special Event Permit for all fishing tournaments, boat regattas, or other events.

B)  Fees are non-refundable, but at the discretion of the Operations Manager, may be credited toward future events.

 C) If your event is in a Corps of Engineers user fee managed area, a required use fee must be collected for each vehicle utilizing a launch ramp, in the amount of $5.00 per vehicle per day.

 D)   Fishing Tournaments (non-profit) for one day under 25 boats is $25, 26-100 boats is $50, and anything 101+ is $75. Fishing Tournaments (non-profit) for more than one day regardless of the number of boats is $75 plus additional fees to cover costs incurred by the Corps. A cost worksheet will be completed for each event when applicable.

E)   Fishing Tournaments (for profit) regardless of the number of boats is $75 plus additional fees to cover costs incurred by the Corps. A cost worksheet will be completed for each event when applicable. Also the Corps shall receive 2% of profit revenue.

F)   Boat Regattas (sailboats, windsurfing, powerboats, etc.) are $50 per day.

G) Tournaments at North Bend Park may reserve the Special Event Area.  This area, created by partnership between the Virginia BASS Federation and the Corps of Engineers has a paved parking lot, a staging area with electricity and water, a courtesy dock, and security lighting.  The cost to reserve area is $75 per day.

 H) Individuals using Corps of Engineers managed areas may purchase Annual Passes for $40 each, valid nationwide at all Corps of Engineers projects.

  For further information, please phone (434) 738-6143, or write to address described below.

 I)  Tournament directors and/or participants utilizing Corps of Engineers day user fee areas may purchase multiple daily passes at the park entrance station, or by prearrangement.

J)   Local town and county sponsored events are $75 for non-Corps involvement. If the Corps is involved there is a $75 fee plus additional fees to cover costs incurred by the Corps. The Corps will complete a cost worksheet for each event when applicable.


A) Applications for Special Event Permits, including reservations for the North Bend Park Special Event Area, at John H. Kerr Reservoir, will be accepted beginning November 1st for the coming year.


Requests for current year events will continue throughout the current year.

 B) All applications received from the 1st of November will be held through the seventh business weekday of October before permit issuance and scheduling. The time, date, or postmark of application received prior and through the seventh business weekday from the first of October will have no bearing in the scheduling.

 In case of duplicate requests for the same day, the tie dates will be placed in a hat and drawn for that day.

C) Please use the “Application for Special Event Permit” application form (as provided on reverse of this sheet) to enter data on sponsoring organization, name of event, event date(s), requested staging area(s), contact person’s address, telephones, fax numbers, and estimates of number of participants, boats, and vehicles expected at event.

 For multiple event dates, please attach a separate listing to application.

 D)   Please send in special event fees with application. If you have questions about fees please call (434) 738-6143


Special Event Coordinator, John H. Kerr Reservoir, 1930 Mays Chapel Road, Boydton, VA  23917-9725.  Fax: (434) 738-6541.  For assistance: (434) 738-6143, Ext. 6151.  Check for payment of appropriate fees should be made payable to:  FAO, USAED, Wilmington.

Benefits from Special Event Permitting.pdf

Special Event Application Guidelines.pdf

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