Home Port:  Wilmington, North Carolina

This vessel will work in the shallow-draft ocean bar channels along the Atlantic Coast.  However, in addition to removing dredged material from the channel, the MURDEN can transport the material to the downdrift beach and deposit it in the surf zone to nourish sand-starved beaches.

Type: Seagoing, shallowdraft special purpose dredge, steel hull, aluminum house construction, diesel propulsion with twin outboard propulsion units and bow thrusters.

Built: Conrad Shipyard, Morgan City, LA

Vessel Characteristics and Specifications:
     Gross Tonnage                551 tons (est.)
     Displacement, Light         400 tons (est.) 
     Displacement, Loaded     639 tons (est.)
     Length, Overall                  156’-0”
     Beam, Molded                   35’-0”
     Draft, Light Bow                 3’-10”, stern 4’-3”
     Draft, Loaded                     8'-6"
     Capacity                512 cubic yards

Propulsion Equipment:
     Engines- 2 – Cummins QS19M Main Engines, 760 HP@2100 RPM
     Outboard Propelling Units-2- ZF/ HRP Z drives, model 4100
     Bow Thruster -2-WESMAR, 100 HP

Speed, Loaded Approx: 7 kts

Speed, Light: 10 kts

Bunker Capacity: 14,500 gal diesel fuel

Potable Water Capacity: 1000 gal

Dredging Equipment:
     Prime mover- 2 ea TECO electric motors, 100HP, variable frequency drive
     Dredge Pumps- 2 ea Triathalon Pump, 10”
     Drags- Brunswick County Type
     Drag hoisting winches- Coastal Marine

Minimum Crew: 6

Generator: 2 ea Cummins QSM11-DM 250KW 480V