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Federal budget proposal includes $49.5 million for Wilmington District

Published March 5, 2014

President Obama’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2015 (FY15) includes funding for ongoing projects in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District.

The $49.5 million designated for Wilmington District projects continue funding for conduct of one study, construction activities, and operation and maintenance of Federal projects. Under investigations, funding would complete feasibility studies on the Wilmington Harbor Improvements project.

The $300,000 designated for construction funding would complete environmental monitoring for the Roanoke River Flood Risk Management project in Virginia.

The $48.9 million operation and maintenance budget continues work at the harbors: Wilmington, $14.1 million; Morehead City, $4.8 million; and other shallow draft harbors and channels including Manteo (Shallowbag) Bay (Oregon Inlet) and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. The District’s five lakes and dams are included in the budget with John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir in N.C. and Va. (Buggs Island) receiving $10.7 million, Philpott Lake, Va., $6.4 million, W. Kerr Scott Dam and Reservoir, N.C., $3.3 million, B. Everett Jordan Dam and Lake, N.C., $1.8 million, and Falls Lake, N.C., $1.9 million.

Like each year’s presidential budget, this one begins a process that includes action by both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and results in an appropriations bill to be signed before final funding amounts are known.

Wilmington District Authorized Projects ($1,000s)


Project Title FY 2015 President's Budget

Wilmington Harbor Improvements, NC 298

Investigations Subtotal $298


Project Title FY 2015 President's Budget

Roanoke River, Upper Basin Headwaters, VA 300

Construction Subtotal $300

Operations and Maintenance

Project Title FY 2015 President's Budget

Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, NC 2,600

B. Everett Jordan Dam and Lake, NC 1,856

Cape Fear River above Wilmington, NC 483

Falls Lake, NC 1,909

John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir, VA and NC 10,685

Manteo (Shallowbag) Bay, NC 800

Masonboro Inlet, NC 50

Morehead City Harbor, NC 4,855

Philpott Lake, VA 6,442

Rollinson Channel, NC 550

Silver Lake Harbor, NC 300

W. Kerr Scott Dam and Reservoir, NC 3,293

Wilmington Harbor, NC 14,127

Inspection of Completed Works, NC 264

Project Condition Surveys, NC 700

Operation and Maintenance Subtotal $48,914

All Appropriations $49,512