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Bell Earns Hard Hat of the Year Award at Fort Bragg

Published Nov. 13, 2018

Fort Bragg is well known for its fast-paced operations tempo shared by the elite Soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division and U.S. Army Special Operations Command.  The pace of the tempo filters down to subordinate units and in some ways, Department of the Army Civilian employees. 

   At the Wilmington District’s Fort Bragg USASOC Resident Engineer Office, Construction Control Representative Art Bell is responsible for inspection and quality assurance on such projects as the Special Operations Forces Civil Affairs Battalion Complex and Battalion Operation Facility. A U.S. Air Force veteran, he’s use to the intensity of military construction and thrives on it.  His dedication to his job and construction mission earned him the Hard Hat of the Year Award. 

   “The award, I believe, embodies teamwork through recognition by my peers for demonstrating the passion to provide the best facilities for the Special Forces as possible,” Bell said. “By understanding my role in quality assurance and my attention to detail I approach my job daily as if it were my personal home that I was building.”

  Bell wears many hats in his job.  He ensures that safety standards, labor provisions and quality control provisions of each contract are fully complied with, and in his contract administration duties he supports modifications, submittal reviews, answering requests for information and processing payment estimates.”

    “Probably one of the best things that I do in a group of co-workers is to create a positive team- orientated working environment.  I ensure projects are completed on time, on schedule and within contract cost.  When your team excells you can get anything done, no matter the workload or the operations tempo.”

  Bell’s diverse educational background has given him a well-rounded career where’s he’s able to adapt to various missions or jobs that   require skill sets that he’s acquired over the years.  He’s been an Air Force civil engineering technician while on active duty, a project superintendent quality control manager in the private industry, and a civilian construction representative for the Air Force.  

   Working for such a highly respected organization such as USASOC makes him feel proud and gives him a sense of purpose.  Simply put, he has nothing but respect for his customers who wear the green berets.

   “It is an honor to support their complex mission in providing new facilities for their diverse training needs,” he said.