Morehead City Inner Ocean Bar construction has begun

USACE Wilmington
Published Dec. 1, 2023

Marinex Construction, Inc. started the dredging of Morehead City Inner Ocean Bar and placement of beach quality sand onto Atlantic Beach this week.

Dredging the Inner Ocean Bar will help keep one of NC’s two deep water ports open. This project also features our “beneficial use” program. Beneficial use allows us to place the beach compatible sand from the dredging effort on an adjacent beach (Atlantic Beach) to help with coastal storm risk mitigation.

The work shall consist of maintenance dredging of the Morehead City Harbor federal navigation channel reaches including the Cutoff, Range A, Range B and Range C. The dredging shall be performed by hydraulic cutter suction dredge and/or hopper dredge. The estimated quantity of material to be dredged, including allowable over depth, is approximately 800,000 cubic yards.

Please click here for the link to track all beach work related to this project.


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David Connolly

Release no. 23-013