W. Kerr Scott Plans Drawdown to Remove Debris

Published Feb. 16, 2016

Wilmington, N.C. – Officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wilmington District plan to lower the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir elevation four feet below the guide curve (normal pool) of 1,030 feet for about two weeks sometime between mid-February and mid-March to remove submerged debris in the swim beach at Berry Mountain Recreation Area.

The Corps plans to remove the remains of a shoreline swimming pool that had three concrete walls and foundation that existed at Berry Mountain in the late 1970s and early 1980s, according to Kevin Heape, Operations Project Manager at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir.

Heape said rebar and portions of the concrete and wire mesh became exposed last fall and need to be removed for the safety of people using the day use swim beach at Berry Mountain.

He said the drawdown will start within about two weeks and will bring the reservoir level down to about 1,026 feet above sea level.

He said the drawdown is expected to take three to four days, followed by two to three days for the exposed shoreline to dry to allow for contractor access.  It should take less than a week to complete debris removal, he added.

“Refilling the lake would be dependent on inflows and rainfall following completion of the work. Based on statistical analysis of inflows, refilling in one to three weeks is extremely likely in all but the driest of winters,” said Heape.

A minor deviation for project maintenance is authorized under Section 7-07.c of the Water Control Plan for W. Kerr Scott Dam and Reservoir.

Release no. 18-038