Philpott Dam Receiving Maintenance Modifications

Published Jan. 26, 2016

Bassett, VA- Philpott Dam is getting some attention for the next six to eight weeks as workers tend to the overall maintenance of systems for the safe operation of the dam. 

   Currently, workers are building a switchgear building below the dam. This building will house new electrical gear that will upgrade the distribution system and the generator control systems. This will eliminate the risk of personal injury to technicians when high voltage systems are switched on and off.

   “We take the job of maintaining Philpott Dam seriously, knowing how important this dam is to our community,” said Philpott Lake Operations Project Manager Rocky Rockwell.  “We want the public to be fully aware of these efforts.”

   Rockwell added other maintenance includes modifications to the inlets for the turbine generators, and other structural improvements to enhance the dam’s reliability and longevity.            

   Philpott Dam plays a critical role in the local community by providing substantial protection from floods, hydro-electric power, a steady source of water, and water-based electricity. 

   For more information about Philpott Dam please go to the following website; 

Release no. 18-034