Recreational impacts occurring in the Wilmington District

Published May 23, 2018

WILMINGTON, N.C. Because of significant rainfall last week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District is operating its lakes in North Carolina and southern Virginia for one of its main purposes, flood control.  North Carolina and southern Virginia received several inches of rainfall causing rivers and lakes to rise.  As part of the flood control mode of operation, releases have been increased from all of our projects.

 Protecting downstream interests means tolerating some high water temporarily at these lakes. All of these lakes are above their normal level but still well within their flood storage capacity.  Once the lakes have been brought back down near normal levels we will be reverting back to normal operations.

 In these times of high lake levels, boating safety is of high concern.  Debris may be submerged or floating in the lake causing unusual boating hazards.  Boaters are urged to use extreme caution while operating their boat on the lakes.  Swimmers should also use extreme caution because of the possibility of stronger currents and flood-related debris.

 Some recreation areas are currently impacted by high waters, particularly at W. Kerr Scott, Philpott and John H Kerr.  Portions of major parks and some small boat ramps are also closed.  We will work with the public to accommodate reservation cancellations or changes to other campsites.  More information is available on the web at or by calling the projects at:  Philpott 276.629.2703, Lake  John H. Kerr 434.738.6143,  W. Kerr Scott 336.921.3390, and Falls 919.846.9332.

Release no. 18-001