Overmountain Victory Trail



Smooth Rolling Singletrack

You’ll be smiling happily as you roll through the woods on this masterpiece. The OVT, part of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, was the second of the trail systems constructed at Kerr Scott.

Designed as an out-and-back, OVT can be accessed from several locations, but rides typically start from the trailhead at the W. Kerr Scott Visitors Assistance Center. This section of the OVT ends at Bandit’s Roost Campground, and one-way mileage is 6 miles to that terminus. Shiner’s Run, a 2.5 mile loop, can also be ridden in either direction, so mileage can be increased with that option. Road crossings that service the Wilkes Skyline Marina and Berry Mountain Park offer great turnaround and regroup locations.

A Great Starting Point

The OVT is the least difficult of the trails currently at Kerr Scott, and is the best place for visitors unsure about where to start. Compared to Warrior Creek and Dark Mountain, there is less technical riding; climbs/descents are shorter, and the overall elevation gain is also slighter. It has some of the most enjoyable singletrack of all though, so don’t miss it!


Photo and content credit: Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club