Falls Lake

Visitor Assistance Center

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

11405 Falls of Neuse Road

Wake Forest, NC 


Phone: (919) 846-9332


Email: falls@usace.army.mil




Natural Resources at Falls Lake

All of the agencies that manage land here at Falls Lake do Natural Resource Management work. 
Why? Why not let nature “take its course”?

Well, our landscape is so altered by humans already from urban sprawl, various forms of pollution over the years, and wildfire suppression that nature needs a bit of help to “take its course” these days!

Techniques we may use:

Prescribed Burns

              Thinning   Grassland Management




Installing Nestboxes

        Wildlife Monitoring




Somtimes, we alter habitats to improve them for more desirable species of plant or animal; like threatened or endangered species such as the endangered Smooth Coneflower, or maybe a particular game species like turkey.
Falls Lake and the lands that surround it are here to be
conserved and managed, not preserved and untouched.