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Glazener Earns National Planning Excellence Award

Published Nov. 13, 2018

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Planning Excellence Award provides honorary recognition to an outstanding District employee in a professional planning position. It’s designed to recognize an individual's contributions to advance the state of the art of the practice of Civil Works water resources planning, and recognizes innovation, analytical sophistication, and creativity in the development of a planning product that achieves the principles of the Civil Works Strategic Plan. 

   The Wilmington District’s Jason Glazener was recognized for his extraordinary service and accomplishments as a lead planner in the South Atlantic Division, Wilmington District during fiscal year 2017. His leadership and technical expertise in delivering critical and essential water resources solutions to the Nation and the state of North Carolina contributed immensely to advancing the state of art in the practice of water resources planning.

    “I work on a wide range of projects and programs as a civil works planner,” Glazener said.  “These project types include coastal storm risk management, flood risk management, ecosystem restoration, and stream bank erosion protection.  I also manage programs where we provide planning and technical assistance to state and locals for a wide range of water resource issues or opportunities.”

  Glazener made exceptionally significant contributions to nearly every planning program effort executed by the Wilmington District during the nomination period.  Of note, these civil works projects included multiple Continuing Authorities Program studies, Planning Assistance to States, and Flood Plain Management Services for the state of North Carolina. 

   “I think that a good way to summarize it is that a planner needs to be able to see the big picture of a project, understand the moving parts and how those parts fit together, and use a knowledge of the required guidance and regulations to help guide the technical team to a sound recommended plan and approved study report,” Glazener said.

   A team player, Glazner has a vital role as a planner. With the critical reviews and processes that a project goes through during the feasibility phase, having a member who can help guide the team through that process and develop a successful report is invaluable.  On top of that he loves this kind of work.

  “I think motivation comes from a combination of enjoying the teamwork dynamic in the office and also wanting to deliver helpful services to our customers,” said Glazener.