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Published Sept. 22, 2008

   The number “10” has different meanings to different people.  Some people may remember “10” as the age when they received their first bike.  Other people may associate “10” with Bo Derek’s famous movie of 1979,”10”.  To the Olympian athlete, a “10” is a perfect performance that requires years of dedication and preparation to accomplish.  This year at Philpott Lake, the number “10” also has been a “special number” which we strived to achieve.  As of August 18th, Philpott reached a milestone of 10 years without a drowning.  Much like the Olympian athlete, a tremendous amount of preparation and dedication went into this accomplishment.  Rangers  coordinated interpretive programs, both on-site and as outreach, to spread the word about water safety.  Volunteers worked in the Visitor Assistance Center, distributing safety literature to the many visitors.  Other volunteer groups, such as “Friends of Philpott” and the “Philpott – Fairy Stone Safety Council”, conducted projects to better provide our visitors with safe recreational activities.  The various park Gate Attendants constantly monitored the clientele who entered their park areas, reporting any would-be swimmer who may have had a “few too many.”  Our contract employees who were mowing grass or cleaning a restroom always took the time to report any unsafe act or condition that they may have seen.  Rangers constantly kept a vigilant eye and ear out to immediately correct any potentially dangerous or unsafe condition.  And finally, Philpott Lake was, and is, blessed with a management staff which puts safety above all else and which is always receptive to new ideas.

   Now the year is coming to an end.  Adults are getting back to the business of jobs and supporting their daily livelihoods.  Children are back to their scholarly chores and video games.  The cool days hint of frost in the air and a close to the recreation season.  But, not too far in the future, a new season looms on the horizon.  Swimmers, boaters, campers, and picnickers will again flock to the Lake, requiring watchful eyes to help keep them safe.  And, as for the staff at Philpott, we will have a new “special number”.  Can you guess what it is?  If you guessed “11”, then you’re right!