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Leadership Development Program Graduates Share Professional, personal Growth Experiences

Published July 18, 2018

Richelle Hardman

LDP is a great program that affords a lot of great opportunities to Corps employees. The program not only gave me the tools to develop myself professionally, but also personally. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me other ways of thinking and seeing things. The program was a great opportunity to see the challenges and how the Corps has overcome them with relationship building, working together with other entities and strong leadership to create a great product for the customer.  The skills I have learned from the program will help me develop further for my career here with the Corps. It also gave me a bigger picture of the Corps and has helped me do my job here daily.  My appreciation and pride in the Corps grew throughout this program!

Dennis Moran

My interest in the Leadership Development Program happened after attending a Lunch and Learn overview session on the LDP Level 2 program by Jean Gibby.  She talked about the awareness of the different types of leadership styles and how the program would help individuals gain knowledge of how districts facilitate one another.  Additionally, she touched upon how the program would help individuals learn more about themselves.  I knew that I wanted to grow my leadership proficiencies, improve my communication skills and that LDP would present to me the opportunity to network with individuals within both districts.

   The program helped me in many ways, but I found the 360 degree assessment to be one of the greatest benefits to me.  It allowed me to reflect on others perceptions of my actions and work ethics.  It helped me to further understand some of my strengths and opportunities for growth.  Personally, it showed me the importance of constant, clear and concise communication with those that I work with.

   The Leadership Development Program has taught me that being able to understand other people’s values as well as my own, will help me to better communicate with others.  I now have a greater appreciation of the importance of mentorship, and it allowed me to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and explore new avenues.  Finally, I am reminded that most people are operating at their best at any given point in time.

 Heather Edwards

The opportunity to see the Corps outside of my world in Operations is what initially drew me to the Leadership Development Program.  I also wanted to improve on my leadership, communication and teamwork skills to better serve the people that I work with on a daily basis. Throughout my time in the program I received all of that and more.  Because of LDP I have gained so much respect for what we are doing throughout the Corps within both District's and have a greater appreciation for our mission and those I work for and with day in and day out. In addition, I not only learned what kind of leader I am and want to be, I also opened up my mind to how others lead, communicate and perceive information which helps me break through mental models and communicate more effectively. The Leadership Development Program has helped me through everyday life, not just professionally but personally as well. These skills that I acquired through the program help make me a better leader, team member, mother and friend. Having a greater understanding of not only how we personally think about and perceive things, but how others do as well is a powerful tool that I believe everyone can benefit from.