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Figure Eight Island Shoreline Management Project - SEIS

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)

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Issue Date: July 9, 2015
Comment Deadline: August 24, 2015
Corps Action ID Number: SAW-2006-41158

Title, Executive Summary, Table of Contents and Preparers

SEIS Chapter 1

SEIS Chapter 2

SEIS Chapter 3

SEIS Chapter 4 - Warning: large file (16MB)

SEIS Chapter 5 - Warning: large file (20MB)

SEIS Chapter 6

SEIS Chapter 7

Appendix A Scoping

Appendix B Engineering Report - Warning: large files -- subdivided for efficient download

App B (18MB)

App B - Subpart A (12MB)

App B - Subpart B (15MB)

App B Subpart B1 (Subdivided into 3 parts for Web download): Pages 1-42 (Warning: large file 18 MB);   Pages 43-145 (Warning: large file 13 MB); Pages 146-183

App B Subpart B2 (Subdivided into 2 parts for Web download):  Pages 1-34; Pages 35-141 (Warning: large file 10 MB)  

App B Suppart C

Appendix C Cultural Resources Report

Appendix D Geotechnical (20MB)

Appendix E Summary of Impacts Table

Appendix F Cumulative Effects Analysis

Appendix G - Economic Appendix with Sub Appendix A